Every dollar of your donation will go towards this documentary. We want to show the world the true Cuban Spirit through this film.


My name is Alexis Garcia.  I was born in Cardenas, Cuba and rowed to the United States 23 years ago by kayak, a 55-hour nightmare through the Florida Straits.  My level of gratitude for my life and the opportunities American FREEDOM has given me cannot be measured.

My Goal is to show the entire world the true Cuban spirit on documentary filmed when I ran the entire country 

My ​Goal

As an accomplished ultra-runner I ran across the entire country of my birth, Cuba.  From the eastern most point, Punta de Maisi to the western most point, Cabo de San Antonio for a total of 1,000 miles in under 35 days.  My support team documented every step of my run .
you can follow my journey and track my progress on the interactive Map on  the journey page

MY GIFT BACK - A Legacy​

who ​Am I

Run Across Cuba

I want to raise as much money as I can to Bring this documentary of the true Cuban Spirit and give people a taste of my Country and its Soul. 

Dream Big, Accomplish Big!